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Ellis Johnson Out As Auburn's Defensive Coordinator

According to, now confirmed by AuburnUndercover

Auburn DC Ellis Johnson was fired earlier this afternoon
Auburn DC Ellis Johnson was fired earlier this afternoon
Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Now it's confirmed

That's the news of the afternoon for Auburn fans. It's unfortunate. I was thrilled when Auburn hired Ellis Johnson. I thought he was a fantastic defensive coach who had great defenses at South Carolina. I thought his year at USM was an aberration caused by issues at USM itself.

However, Auburn's defense just has not performed this season. I think the players are giving it their all and playing hard. I really don't know what the issues have been. So here we are. We are looking for a new defensive coordinator. So, let's take a look at some people.

I have no idea who Auburn is likely to go after. We'll have a list for you and some thoughts on them as soon as possible. For now, changes have been made and Auburn has decided (rightly so) that we needed to go a different direction on defense.