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Coffee and Magnolia: 4 November 2014

Looking at Auburn related stories

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First, just a friendly civic reminder that it's election day! Live in Alabama and confused about where you need to go to vote? Here's a place to find your precinct. How about Georgia? Same thing here! Florida? This is the best I could find. Texas? Here you go! If you're wondering why I chose those four states, it's because according to Google Analytics, College and Magnolia gets the most traffic from those four states.

IMPORTANT EDIT!!!!!  You can also use this site for anywhere.

And now back to the frivolously fun football stuff.


Phillip Marshall wants to talk to you about your desire to have a shut-down defense week in and week out at Auburn, right now. You see, it's not going to happen anytime soon. And that's a good thing. Because we put up 35 points on one of the nation's best defenses and when you can do that, you don't NEED a shut-down defense.

In superlatives news, Kris Frost was chosen as the SEC's Defensive Player of the Week for his performance against Ole Miss. It really seems that moving Justin Garrett to linebacker has lit a fire under Frost, who has played the best two games of his Auburn career over the past two weeks.

Emily is watching the watch lists every week for us based on those preseason projections. Well, the preseason projections are starting to become late-season semi-finalist lists. And speaking of those, we have Nick Marshall as a semi-finalist for the Maxwell Award and Reese Dismukes is a Lombardi Semifinalist. Dismukes has been one of the strongest players at his position in college football for four years now and definitely deserves some awards for that.

I hear people at games and see people on Twitter criticize Gustav the Mad Scientist of Football's play calling early on in games all the time, it seems. I keep trying to remind them that Gus scripts plays to start every game. During last night's Tiger Talk he re-confirmed this by saying they script a good bit of the first half and then adjust at half-time. I'm sure there's improvisation involved when Gus is rolling his hands and wanting to go back to the exact same play again, but never forget this man has only been beaten in one game as a head coach when the margin is less than one score. He is a superb game planner and manager.

Auburn tied their season high for sacks in the Ole Miss game with four. I also recall seeing a tweet that Auburn four sacks were 1/4 of their total sacks on the year. That means that half of Auburn's sacks from this season have come from two games. Hopefully the Ole Miss game is an example of Auburn finding a pass rush and not Ole Miss' Offense Line being too injured, because we're going to need that pass rush in the weeks going forward.


In good news, Laquon Treadwell is expected to recover fully from his injury. He will miss four months and could be back for Ole Miss by spring practice.

Remember that video of Gus Malzahn breakdancing? Of course you do. Well, Gus was asked about it during Tiger Talk last night and explained its origins. Before then, his wife spoke to Jeremy Henderson of TheWarEagleReader about it, as well.

Finally, did you like those "State of Auburn" shirts the team was wearing last weekend during the Reverse Tiger Walk?

They will reportedly be available by the end of the week. J&M Bookstore tweeted that they will have the shirts in by the end of the week. No word on what other stores may also get the shirts in.