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Hindsight is 20/20, The Ole Miss Game

You make your own luck.

Doug Pensinger

It gets old doesn't it?  The "Auburn is lucky" meme has been running through the media and talking heads since last Saturday night.  Their argument without saying so is that Auburn doesn't deserve to be where they are.  That somehow the football gods are at the moment anyway, granting the Orange and Blue divine favoritism.  Auburn was lucky against Ole Miss, just like they were lucky against Alabama and Georgia.

Those talking heads are forgetting that Auburn has been unlucky in the last two seasons as well.

How about a player on a kickoff coverage pulling a hamstring running down the field which allowed a critical touchdown in the National Championship game? How about a random tipped ball and a perfectly timed hit to jar a ball lose on two back to back plays to give Mississippi State a 14 point lead early in the game?  How about a phantom offensive interference penalty in the same game to kill a critical drive that would have led to a touchdown?

Are those plays made by luck, good, bad or otherwise?

My answer to all of these is- It's football.  And shit happens.

Kris Frost made a great hustle play to stop Treadwell at the goal line, force a fumble and preserve an Auburn win.   Treadwell breaking his leg was a horrible thing.   But it's football and those things happen.

I've heard enough about lucky Auburn and the deal with the Devil we've made.  We've won two road games this year at two very tough places against teams that are as good as anyone in college football.  Yet we get little credit.

And I am fine with that.

Auburn will continue to play with that chip planted squarely on their shoulder.  Because they are lucky and it's all a fluke.

Other random thoughts...

-Auburn's defense has regressed in the last 3 weeks, especially in the secondary.  I have no real reason to explain this, other than bumps and bruises, and fatigue.

-Auburn's offense, fortunately, is hitting stride at just the right time.  The running game is very close to its ridiculous level of 2013.  Artis Payne is the unsung hero.  And I for one am glad Roc has been given more carries.  I think this pushes CAP to be better.

-Sammie and Duke.  Best receiver tandem ever at AU?

-The future is cloudy, but I like our chances against the rest of the schedule, from a match-up standpoint.

Around college football in 30 seconds...

-Oh Georgia, we had such high hopes for you.  How in the world do you get gashed for 400+ in rushing yards when your opponent has no passing game?  And it's not like Florida was running the Malzahn offense.  It was power eye, run straight at you.  Just amazing.

-Oh South Carolina, how do you blow a two touchdown lead at home in 90 seconds to a Tennessee team with barely a pulse.  This may be the end of the road for for the OBC.

Kansas State keeps on keepin' on.  If things fall the right way, could Auburn see them again?

-Texas A&M is a huge disappointment, but they are dangerous.  If we run the ball like I bet we will and don't turn it over, then we should blow their doors off.

7-1 at this point is amazing, considering what the schedule looked like going in to the season.  Guess we're lucky to be playing in the SEC West...