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Auburn vs Texas A&M Staff Predictions

What do the fine folks here at College and Magnolia think will happen in this game?

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Jared Robertson

Listen here, Barner pals. I've been off on my predictions as far as score goes the past couple of games. The defense has really let me down or it could be that Auburn just ran across one of the great play callers of all time letting it all loose and then ran into a team playing at home for their payoff lives. I hope it's a mixture if the two. I think the defense is better than it showed the past couple of games but it's going to get everyone's best shot the rest of the way....except for A&M. A&M is a deflated team who looks like they have just given up on this season. There is honestly no reason Auburn shouldn't win this game by 30 points. A&M's offense has been terrible the past few weeks and we all know how bad their defense is. Auburn should come out this weekend and dominate from the opening kick. 56-14, Auburn. (I'll honestly be pissed if they get 14).

Peggy Rossmanith

LSU 14, Alabama 10!

Oh, you meant Auburn? Auburn 48, Texas A&M 17. I'll be Barning hard from Baton Rouge in purple and gold.

Dusty Miller

My score predictions have been as bad as our defense for the past couple of games. I'm actually a little embarrassed by it. I do think our defense is better than what they've shown recently, and I think they have a chance to get back on track this week facing a struggling Aggie bunch with a true freshman starting his first road game at QB. With that said, Auburn has proven it can be the cure for what ails a team on occasion. I just hope this doesn't end up being one of those times. On paper this should be a blowout, but my gut feeling this week says differently. The only group that can stop this Auburn offense from scoring is the Auburn offense. They'll do what they want, if they want to. I think our D can get healthy on Sumlin's bunch, but I need to see it to believe it. Auburn outscores the Aggies 53-37. If that's even close to accurate I'll be sick about our defense.


Auburn's offense has its way with a rapidly deteriorating Texas A&M. Nick Marshall runs for 3 touchdowns and throws for 2 more in a little over a half, leading the Tigers to 7 touchdowns on their first 8 possessions. Auburn takes a 49-7 lead into the half and sits on the ball for most of the second half. Texas A&M picks up some scores in garbage time to lose 63-21. Why do I want this to happen? No reason. No reason at all.


So Texas A&M is going with the backup quarterback for this one, huh? That bodes well for Auburn, right? Not so fast, my friend. 2010, vs Arkansas, Tyler Wilson replaces Ryan Mallett and racks up 332 yards and four touchdowns. One game later against LSU, Jarrett Lee goes out and Jordan Jefferson runs for 74 yards and scores a tying touchdown just before halftime. Even in 2008, LSU's Andrew Hatch was replaced by true freshman Jarrett Lee in the third quarter who threw the game winning touchdown. Real or imagined or (considering I'm going back 4+years here) inconsequential, I have a fear of other teams' backup quarterbacks. It won't matter, though. Auburn 49, Texas A&M 27

Bobby Barkley

Kyle "Baby-Face" Allen might be able to spit mad game with girls holding cameras on the sideline, but he can't spit mad game on our field. This date ends badly--with him on the ground for most of it, courtesy of Angelo Blackson and Co.

45-24, Auburn.

Sam Butler

Ah, another freshman coming into JHS for his first (real) start. We saw how Brandon Harris fared, and Kyle Allen probably will do a bit better than him, but not by much. Auburn probably blows a few defensive assignments, but there's absolutely no way Gus doesn't score 40+ here. Nick pads his stats to get in the Heisman conversation, and JJ mops up late. 49-17, Auburn.

Franklin Featherston

41-17 Auburn. Kyle Allen can't find a rhythm and Auburn's secondary gets back on track with an impressive performance. Remember when Kenny Hill was picked to win the Heisman? Those were the good ol' days. War eagle!

Emily Rios

Like WarRoomEagle, I too, have a deep-seated fear of backup QBs. Kyle Allen and the TAMU offense looked lackluster against Louisiana-Monroe last week, but that doesn't make me more confident. Similar to South Carolina, this is a team with a talented offense and literally nothing to lose. My guess is that the score is much closer than we'd like to see. Auburn wins, 49-31.

Chris Roberts

Like I said on our podcast, I think Auburn wins comfortably. Nick and CAP run wild and the defense does enough to halt the A&M offense. Auburn 35-17

Bobby Barkley Again

Emily and Jared bring up interesting points. It's weird how most SEC teams we're facing now seem to have that "nothing to lose" mentality:

-South Carolina (HBC even said it would've been his biggest win ever at USCe, plus 5/6 on 4th downs in OCTOBER)
-Ole Miss (playing to avoid "elimination")
-A&M (no Kenny Trill, no Heisman, nothing to lose)
-Georgia (potentially out of the East running (key word there is "potentially," because it's still the East), so similar mindset, plus Mark Richt)
-Alabama (depending on their record before the Iron Bowl, they might be playing to spoil our chances like in 2010)

It's a stretch, but crazy how this "SEC gauntlet" is shaping up. I wonder if/how this will make its way into the talking heads' conversations moving forward.

P.S. Here's a fun and horrible game to play: who is worse to lose a game to: Dan Mullen, or Lane Kiffin? Yeah. Let that soak.

Dr Z

A&M is a downright bad football team right now. They are bringing a true freshman QB into JHS without their normal starting left tackle.

Did I mention the offense is the good news for A&M?

Auburn 48
Ags 17

Walt Austin

I hope this game ends up a lot like the LSU game did. Auburn is able to jump out and score points while rocking the true freshman QB's nerves and forcing stops. I think A&M will still put some points up on the board, though. Auburn's pass defense has just been too suspect over the past few games for A&M not to unless we've found the miraculous fix. So I'll go similar to LSU and say 42-10. Of course, I thought the South Carolina game would be that way, too, and look how THAT turned out. However, I don't know if Sumlin is HBC level of crazy enough to go for it on 6 fourth downs. You might as well though, with that conversion rate South Carolina had.