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Auburn vs Texas A&M Recap: Auburn Fumbles It Away

Well. This one sucks.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

A week after recovering two fourth quarter fumbles in the redzone, Auburn sees two fourth quarter fumbles go against them this week. The offense did everything it could, but the poor defense of the past few weeks finally caught up to the Tigers in a 41-38 loss to the Texas A&M Aggies.

The turnovers started early, with a fumble on Auburn's first offensive possession that allowed the Aggies to jump out to a 14-0 lead. Auburn battled back, but went into the half facing a big deficit after what looked to be a good situation with a late field goal turned into tragedy with a blocked kick and a run back by the Aggies to go into the half with a 35-17 lead.

Auburn fought back though, and had every chance to win the game. In the end, it just wasn't to be. Auburn was going in for the lead inside the Aggie ten yard line when a fumble on a zone read lead to an turnover. Auburn held Texas A&M three-and-out to get the ball back with less than two minutes remaining and looked in clear view of at least a field goal to tie it.

It just wasn't to be. An errant snap led to yet another turnover and Texas A&M left Jordan-Hare Stadium with the upset. While there is still a marginal chance the Tigers could triumph in the SEC West with a multi-team tie at two losses, the odds are that the Tigers shot at the first College Football Playoff is over.

It was an agonizing way to lose when it appeared so many times that the Tigers would be able to pull it out. This one is going to hurt for a while. Oh well.

War Eagle, Always.