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Coffee and Magnolia: 1 December 2014

The Defensive Coordinator Edition

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports


There are tons of articles on this, so but 247Sports broke the news along with (I can't remember if that's the one owned by AuburnUndercover owner Ron Sanders or not, but I think it is). Here is the article from Charles Goldberg at the official site.

Ellis Johnson understands the firing, but defends his defense.


It's behind the pay-wall, but here's 247Sports' Phillip Marshall on the issue. There is some very good information in there that should be quite pleasing to some on the BOOM train. But don't get too happy just yet. I'd love to give you the full run down, but I try my best to respect the pay-wall stuff. has a pretty good list of candidates for the job. Of those, I would take Muschamp or the Wisconsin DC above the others right now. My only question on the Wisconsin AD would be defending against the offenses of the SEC vs the B1G. Muschamp is a proven quantity.

The Montgomery Advertiser is also talking about the Muschamp possibility. Let's face it, most everyone would love Coach Boom to come home. Especially if he brings recruiter extraordinaire and former Auburn DB Travaris Robinson with him.

A FanPost that went up shortly before the firing had some interesting thoughts on the Muschamp situation and the rumors that he left on bad terms with Auburn.


It was a record setting night for a number of Auburn players. Nick Marshall set records for total offense and passing offense in a game. Sammie Coates had the type of night that would be legendary in the Iron Bowl as well, had it not been for Amari Cooper.

The line-up for the Iron Bowl was a bit different than previous weeks with Pat Miller's return to starting. Then on the defensive side of the ball, Elijah Daniel started in place of the injured DaVonte Lambert.

You can read my thoughts on the game that I wrote up yesterday, here.


Tre Mason predicted he would have a big day against the Raiders. And he did. Tre La Soul is starting to show out in the league.

If you follow us on Twitter, you probably saw me blowing up your timelines with tweets about Aubie last night. For a brief moment Cocky took the league in the final hour, but the Auburn Family stepped up and propelled the best mascot in the world into his first finals appearance for the Capital One Mascot Challenge. Voting is blind this week, so no one knows where their mascot stands. Go here for all the rules, but vote early and vote often! It's a shame Aubie has never won this before!!

There will be more to come on the defensive coordinator situation today, and we will be reporting breaking news as it comes in, of course.