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Thursday Afternoon Coach Boom Update

Word is out now that Houston - who just fired their head coach - could possibly be a player for Will Muschamp. This would obviously be as a head coach rather than a defensive coordinator.

That article has a number of updates about the suitors for Muschamp's services. South Carolina is probably the biggest contender for Muschamp as a defensive coordinator. They are reportedly prepared to offer him a promise of taking over as head coach after Steve Spurrier retires in order to land him. I'm sure this would not be an official promise due to the recruiting restrictions placed on a "Head Coach In Waiting."

The Houston job is intriguing given Muschamp's time at Texas and that it's a chance to jump right back into being a head coach. They would likely have to make a significant increase in their salary offers, but I'm not so sure if the chance to be a head coach again may not outweigh the money.

One name that appears to have dropped out of the running - at least publicly - is Texas A&M. That doesn't mean they're not still pursuing him, it just means I have not seemed them mentioned, lately.

The sweepstakes is getting interesting, that's for sure. All signs point to Auburn wanting to make a move in the very near future, so it may be getting time for Auburn to consider moving on. Although AuburnUndercover has remained steady in their belief that Will Muschamp will return to Auburn. That's a belief though, it's not due to concrete evidence of fact. They have typically been pretty accurate, though.