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Muschamp News Coming Soon?

Yesterday I posted the article that Houston is in the picture as a possible candidate for Muschamp's services. This was a new development in the saga and one that was unexpected. I'm not sure anyone really expected a head coaching job to pop up again immediately, especially when it comes from a school with a history of high flying offenses rather than defenses. It could just be the product of Jimmy Sexton doing Jimmy Sexton things, but it's still a big wrench in Auburn's pursuit of Coach Boom.

So where do we stand right now, then? From talking to some people, I have reason to suspect we'll hear something one way or another today. That does not mean Auburn definitely hires a defensive coordinator today, it just means I think we'll hear something regarding Will Muschamp's future today. I don't have rock solid info on that, but from some people that I've talked to combined with info from sites with much more connected sources I think that's the case.

What happens if that news is Muschamp not heading to Auburn? Well, then it's obviously on to Plan B. I have no idea what that is. Moreover, I'm not sure Auburn ever seriously believed a Plan B was necessary. So while names like Barry Odom and Bill Clark have been thrown out there, I do not know whether anyone was ever serious about them. I know that as good as Clark has been, his hire would not inspire the fanbase. You can see that just by reading the "sky is falling" posts on various message boards.

Hopefully this all ends with an announcement that Coach Boom is coming home. Auburn is having big recruiting weekend this weekend and I know Malzahn would love to have his DC in place. We'll see, I guess. If it's not Muschamp, then we're liable to be waiting a good bit longer as Malzahn pursues the next best possible candidate.