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Muschamp Has Interviewed With Houston

Twitter has blown up with reports that Will Muschamp has interviewed with the University of Houston for the head coaching position. This is something that has only recently popped up on the radar as a possibility.

I mentioned this morning that this was out there. Of course Auburn message boards are going nuts with "sky is falling" posts, already.

All I can say is that if Will takes the job at Houston, then good for him. I don't see it as the right fit, but I would much rather Auburn lose out on him due to taking a head coaching job somewhere else than to lose out on him as the defensive coordinator somewhere else. I can't fault him if he takes the job.

He's not going to come cheap, though. Houston is going to have to pay him at least double what they paid their previous head coach if they want to outbid Auburn. I'm not sure it comes down to money, though. He's going to be getting money from Florida regardless. He may just see this as a chance to rebuild his reputation running a program.

Sure, you can say DC at Auburn looks better than HC at Houston, but you have to realize that Muschamp wants to be a head coach. What is he going to prove by being the DC at Auburn? He proves that he can still run a defense.

On the other hand, failure at Houston would likely mean he would not get another shot at a major head coaching job anywhere else.

Hey, we said there would be news today. I can't say whether this is good news or bad news. No one knows where Muschamp is on Houston's candidate list or if he will accept the job if offered. We're still in "wait and see" mode.