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John Reed-US Presswire

I've been waiting patiently. I took a week or two off there because there just wasn't much to add to the conversation. Auburn did everything it needed to do offensively to beat Alabama and it came up short because its defense countered with an inexcusable effort. As a result, Auburn let Ellis Johnson go and it did what Auburn has done with recent hires - it went out and found the best available candidate to replace him.

Here comes the boom. The Legion of Boom. Boomsday. Boom, Clap. Boom Boom Boom let me hear you say a-yo. Boom shake the room. Boom Boom Room.

I know there was a point over the last two weeks where Auburn fans were convinced that this hire had to be made or else. I never wrapped my head around that. Will Muschamp is a great defensive mind, and the hire made a huge splash. I've grown excited. Yay!

But there were other great available options to be hired. I'm not sure how we've convinced ourselves that Coach Muschamp is Bill Belichick. Like, is this the guy you wanted because he is worth $1.6 million or is it the guy you wanted so you could brag about it to your rival pals? Maybe he is Bill Belichick. I don't know. But let's wait and see, folks. And can we temper the "Boom" thing? By the 900th time you've heard "Here Comes the Boom" in Jordan-Hare Stadium next Fall, I promise, you'll tire of it.

In any case, the most exciting part of the firing and hiring process was this: Gus Malzahn isn't afraid to make the decisions that head coaches are paid tons of money to make. I'm not sure that has been the case...well...maybe ever? It hasn't been the case in my 32 years as an Auburn fan. It certainly hasn't been the case in 15 years. Maybe I'm being unfair to Terry Bowden and Coach Dye. But Tommy Tuberville and Gene Chizik were not afraid to let folks hang on far too long.

Coach Malzahn took swift action, he targeted the guy that he wanted to hire and he waited patiently. THAT is the best thing that has happened in the world of Auburn football in the past month. Not the hire itself, but the deliberate manner in which it was done. That's encouraging. Being able to find a problem and take swift actions to correct it. I dig it.

So Sammie Coates will turn pro and we'll go to Tampa. I think we expected the former and the latter is better than Atlanta. I mean, I guess in stature it isn't anymore. But I assume there is actual fun to be had in Tampa and the roads are easier to navigate. Here's hoping Duke Williams stays around and Auburn basketball finds an offense. Until next time, gang.