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Coffee and Magnolia: 19 December 2014

Auburn news and notes

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports


He sees you when you're practicing, he knows if you're a flake. He knows if you've been loafing, so give it all for BOOMnees sake. Though he's just "observing" for the most part, players already see and feel the intensity from new defensive coordinator Will Muschamp as they prepare for the Outback Bowl.

Speaking of that bowl prep, it sounds like Auburn is going to be very vanilla on defense. That's not necessarily a bad thing, either.

One person who seems to be having a blast with his current expanded role is defensive GA Travis Williams. With Ellis Johnson gone, Williams is coaching the linebackers, and he is putting everything he has into it.

Two of the players he's coaching right now are considering their options on leaving early for the NFL. For very selfish reasons, I hope they stick around. Having two experienced senior linebackers on the defense next year will be huge. Auburn's linebacker depth is not that great, right now. I'm very curious to see if Will Muschamp goes the Will Herring route and brings a DB down and bulks him up. I was confused when he did that to Herring, but wow did it work out since Herring had a pretty good NFL career at the position.

The official site has a nice little feature on Quan Bray and his "biggest fan."

The Columbus paper has you covered if you're wondering what all of Auburn's alumni in the NFL did this past week. I know what one of them has done this week. In case you missed it, Sen'Derrick Marks got PAID last night with a sack on the last play of the game for the Jacksonville Jaguars. That sack put him over the eight sack mark for the season, which triggered a $600,000 bonus.

In some brief news about out bowl opponent, Wisconsin has hired a new head coach: Pitt head coach (and former Wisconsin OC) Paul Chryst. Chryst managed to convince defensive coordinator Dave Aranda to stick around, which is big for the Badgers when you look at their defensive statistics (B1G Championship Game not withstanding) from last season.


The men will take on a very tough opponent this Saturday afternoon in Xavier. If you're in town, near town, or don't feel like watching the first bowl games of the season, then please get yourselves to Auburn Arena! The Tigers need your support. Xavier is 8-2 on the season so far.