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Auburn vs Texas Southern Game Open Thread

Tigers vs Tigers

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Well I guess tonight we get to see whether the issues with ESPN3 announcers continutes. Back when Auburn played Clemson, they kept referring to "Tigers" throughout the match-up. It was quite obvious that they meant the Clemson Tigers, but it was still confusing. I think it likely stems from ESPN3 tending to pull home team personalities in to do the play-by-play for many of these games.

Tonight is the third game of the five game home stretch for Auburn. The last game - as everyone should know by now - featured an upset victory over Xavier. That victory was the biggest for Auburn in terms of RPI in the history of Auburn Arena according to the official site's game notes. The win over Xavier was huge.

Now to see if Auburn can capitalize on that momentum. While Texax Southern brings a 2-8 record into this game, that record is against an absolutely brutal schedule that features only one home game. It also includes a big road victory over Michigan State last Saturday.

Conventional wisdom says the Auburn Tigers should win tonight, but it's not going to be easy. The big thing to look for will be whether this team continues to improve from game-to-game as they have been lately.

War Eagle everyone. It's time for Auburn basketball.