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Christmas and Magnolia: 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

That's right, there's still a link dump on Christmas. I know many of you will sneak away from your families and want to check the internet, so we're here to supply you with things to look at. However, there's not all that much of it. No one really wanted to work yesterday. I'm putting this together at four minutes to midnight, personally.


The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer is on to the safeties in their position projections. They're pretty much finished with that series outside of special teams, now. I'll go ahead and say our starting safeties for next season will be Rudy Ford and Tray Matthews. And you know what? I'm juuuuuuuust fine with that. Quite thrilled, actually. Especially with BOOM coordinating the defense. Although I could see some of the new DBs pushing for playing time over Rudy Ford.

Speaking of those defensive backs (though this time in the cornerback position) the Montgomery Advertiser looks at Jonathan Jones' place in next year's defense. Call me crazy (and you'd be warranted in doing so, since I said it last off-season, too), but I really think defensive backs could be a strength next season.

For right now, though, Charlie Harbison is coordinating the defense for the bowl game, and it's going to be pretty simple and vanilla for the bowl game. Want to beat Wisconsin? Stop Melvin Gordon. That's pretty much what I think we need to do. Stop him, and Auburn's offense is capable of winning this game.

At Auburn Undercover, Phillip Marshall has been doing a series on big bowl games in Auburn history. Yesterday's was the 2004/05 Sugar Bowl against Virginia Tech.

That's pretty much it. Not many people are publishing things right now. It's Christmas, after all. From all of us here at College and Magnolia, we hope you'll all enjoy time with your families. We're now one week away from the last Auburn football game of the season. War Eagle, y'all. And Merry Christmas, once again!