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Coffee and Magnolia: 26 December 2014

It's the day after Christmas, so there's not a whole lot out there. Things will be picking up once the team reaches Tampa.

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So this is late this morning because I didn't feel like working to put it together last night on Christmas, and I wanted to sleep in this morning. Sorry for the lateness, but it's Christmas!


We're getting to that point in the year where there's not much to write about, so we're getting a ton of stories on the legacies and careers of the seniors who are departing. A player who has gotten numerous stories written about him - including this one on the main site - is Center Reese Dismukes. Reese has had an amazing career at Auburn. I don't know how fast stadium renovations may pick up steam or go once they begin, but Reese deserves one of those giant hanging picture banners for winning the Rimington Trophy. wrote about the legacy Nick Marshall has left at Auburn. It is no great leap to say that Auburn likely would not have made it to Pasadena last season if it were not for Nick Marshall. Though he took a lot of criticism at times this season, he really did improve dramatically. The offensive line's blocking issues without Prosch, Kozan, and Greg Robinson were the reasons - to me, anyway - why he did not have as big a year running the football.

The Ledger-Enquirer has two more position projections up at their site for next season. First, they take a look at all of the players who were in the "Star" position and project where they might end up. Then there's the special teams. I think Daniel Carlson is safe at the place kicking and kick-off spot, but Auburn hopes to have someone else handle the punting duties.

Curious about what Wisconsin people are saying about the Outback Bowl? has you covered there, too. I also recommend you check out our SB Nation Wisconsin site Bucky's 5th Quarter.

Auburn has stated their team goal for the bowl game is to be the most improved team in the nation from the end of the regular season to the bowl game. If they do that, I think they can win the Outback Bowl fairly comfortably. I say that just because being the "most improved team" would be a tough thing to pull off (and there's really not any way to measure it), but it's fun to think about the Tigers getting that much better as they head into the offseason.

Speaking of the offseason, Phillip Marshall has a "For Your Eyes Only" article behind the pay-wall on AuburnUndercover that's very interesting. I'm not going to reveal what's in it, I'll just say it's got some stuff on bowl practice standouts among the freshmen and redshirts (especially the defensive line), and info confirming that there will be a legit competition for QB next season, and it is not outside the bounds of reason that #13 Sean White wins the job. I know it's mean to tease a pay-walled article like that, but it is what it is.

Finally, the Montgomery Advertiser has a list of 10 things every Auburn fan should be thankful for.

And that's it. Unless news breaks, there's only one more article scheduled to be posted, today. WarRoomEagle took a look at how last year's Tigers are doing in this year's NFL. Spoiler Alert: they're doing pretty well. Have a wonderful day, and enjoy all the football!