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Auburn vs Middle Tennessee State Game Open Thread

The Tigers take on the Blue Raiders tonight in Auburn Arena.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

The Tigers are in game 4 of a 5 game home stand to close out the non-conference schedule. They won the first three games - all tough, hard-fought contests - and now face another likely tough team in Middle Tennessee State.

The Tigers are starting to gain some momentum going into conference play, but are still struggling at times with scoreless stretches. The Texas Southern game was another prime example of that. The Game Flow chart had stopped looking like a big shallow staircase in the last few games, but returned to that form for the first portion of the TSU game.

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It's taking too many three point shots (and missing them) and missing a ton of free throws. It's sloppy turnovers. Things that have plagued the Tigers all season long, but they've still been able to overcome them. Hopefully tonight is a good clean game and we see more things to build upon as the Tigers prepare for SEC play.

It's Auburn vs MTSU, and it's time for Auburn Basketball.