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Auburn Undercover Reports Muschamp Offer Is "In Neighborhood of $1.5 million"

According to this report by Phillip Marshall, Auburn's offer to Muschamp is in the $1.5 million range. Message board rumors had placed it around at least $1.2 million after the initial reporting this morning.

Auburn does have a precedent of paying over $1 million for a coordinator. Gus Malzahn was paid $1.3 million while at Auburn. Muschamp's offer was always going to be over $1 million.

As for a timeline... still no word. We could know something this afternoon, or it could stretch into next week.

Honestly, I'm feeling fairly good about this situation right now. I have absolutely no concrete reason to feel that way, but as I said in the earlier update, I don't think it will come down to the amount of money he's offered. I think it comes down to the right fit for what he's looking for. We know he loves Auburn. He knows Auburn loves him.

If you're interested in what our Texas A&M site Good Bull Hunting is saying about the search, you can check them out here. The South Carolina site Garnet and Black Attack is reporting he has the job there if he wants it, even though I still haven't seen word that they have fired their DC.