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Staff Predictions - Outback Bowl Edition

There are only 2 3 outcomes: win or lose...and a Blooming Onion.

Lead us not into B1G Devastation...
Lead us not into B1G Devastation...
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Dusty Miller

This game could go one of two ways.

Bad: Auburn sets out to shut down the Wiscy run game and Gordon still runs for 537 yards and the Tigers get beat. Or...

Good: Auburn gives up yards to Gordon (let's face it, Gordon will get his), but the offense runs like a hot electric knife through microwaved butter and Auburn outscores the Badgers. Marshall gives Auburn a last look at his brilliance and leads the Tigers to a win.

I want to live in a world of good and choose the latter.

Auburn 38 - Wiscy 33


I'm looking forward to yet another shootout. In games where both teams went over 30 this year, Auburn is 2-2. Let's make it 3-2.


Everett Duke

I didn't come all this way to lose. The Wisconsin fans we've met have been awesome, but they can handle losing this one and enjoy the Packers. We've been gracious in letting them know that we'll give them a lot of points. With that said, we're going to go out and earn a lot of points on our own. Wisconsin 30, Auburn 42, America Blooming Onions.

Bobby Barkley

I know very little about this Wisconsin team other than there's this guy named Melvin Gordon who some say might run the table if he were in the SEC, or maybe nobody's saying that and I just assume these things since I live in Birmingham...

Anyway, this game is either going to be a convincing win for the Tigers, or it's going to be similar to the 2009 Outback Bowl where I openly swore at the TV in front of my family. It was not a great bonding moment, but then again, neither was Ben Tate dunking the ball on the uprights.

Auburn 38, WisKAHNsen 24


Emily Rios

I think Gus is dead set on ending the season on a high note. He's had time to plan, so hopefully he has a few tricks up his sleeve. MelGor will get yards and points, but Auburn prevails, 38-27.

Dr. Z

Happy New Year, everybody! I think this one goes one of two ways. Wisconsin is eager to bounce back after being embarrassed by Ohio State as well as play hard for Barry Alvarez, or they mail it in. I think Gus will have the Tigers ready to play. We all know bowl games are glorified exhibitions anyway. I look for Marshall and Coates and the rest of the senior class to go out with a bang. Expect scoring early and often, because I have little faith in the Auburn D until Coach Boom gets to work.

Auburn 45

Whisky 33


Auburn will score points. Wisconsin will run the football on us. The question is can our defense get enough stops early and the offense get Wisconsin out of their comfort zone enough that they feel the need to start throwing more to make something happen? That has been Auburn's MO in its best games. Get out to a fast start, score points, knock the other team off balance, profit.

I think we're capable of doing it. I think Auburn wins this one around 38-31.