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Saturday Morning Defensive Coordinator Updates

Honestly, there's really not all that much to say right now. Yesterday morning saw a flurry of activity as the South Carolina site published an article that "confirmed" Will Muschamp to the Gamecocks as DC and Head Coach In Waiting. This was debunked practically within minutes. Even Spurrier himself said he hadn't spoken to Muschamp.

We're still in a holding pattern. Right now it appears Auburn is fairly confident in being able to snag Will Muschamp. The "Head Coach In Waiting" tab may be enough to sway Coach Boom to the Gamecocks, but I just don't see South Carolina offering him that deal. I don't see Spurrer putting himself on a timeline. The HCIW tab involves recruiting restrictions equivalent to a Head Coach. Phillip Marshall pointed that out yesterday, and rightly points out this is one reason that fad died out. Additionally, this would be hiring him anticipating he will learn or get better or that maybe the Florida situation wasn't his fault.

That just seems like a big leap for a program to take. Of course, maybe they believe Muschamp + Spurrier = almost definite title. It's not far removed from what Auburn people feel about Malzahn + Muschamp.

It is unlikely any definitive word comes out this weekend. So enjoy championship Saturday. It's the last day of continuous football.