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Auburn Tigers Bowl Projections 2014

One last look at where the Tigers might go before things are cleared up this afternoon

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The playoff field and the New Years Six bowls will be announced today, and then we'll finally have some clarification on just where Auburn will end up this bowl season.

The mothership still projects us to play Wisconsin in the Outback Bowl.

Brandon Marcello says he believes you can relax about playing Louisville back-to-back, as no one really wants that. The most likely landing spots are the Outback in Tampa, in Jacksonville, or the Belk Bowl in Charlotte. The Music City Bowl is still a possibility, though.

Phillip Marshall of Auburn Undercover is leaning towards the bowl in Jacksonville against either Minnesota or Iowa. The Citrus Bowl is still an outside possibility, though.

ESPN's current projections as of this morning are either the bowl against Maryland or the Outback Bowl against Nebraska.

It's looking like my dream of a match-up with Notre Dame may be shot. You have to think the bowls would love that match-up, though. I think you could play it in San Francisco and it would sell out. Both fanbases travel well, and both would love to see that game.

We'll find out for certain where the Tigers are headed this afternoon!