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2013 Auburn Football Cut-Ups: Arkansas State

Every snap between the Tigers and the Red Wolves. Offense, defense, and special teams.

A few thoughts:

The offense didn't sputter nearly as often as it did against Washington State. Part of that was the level of competition, but part of it was also having a game's worth of experience.

At 4:50 on the offense video, is that the read option downfield pass play that tied the Iron Bowl?

On defense, we could already see the trademark "bend but don't break" style. Arkansas State frequently crossed midfield, but after several 5-10 yard plays, Auburn would get a tackle for loss and end the threat.

Some thoughts we were having before, during and after this game.

Arkansas State Q&A

X's and O's Breakdown

General Preview


Game Recap


Undercover Barner

Key Drives Breakdown