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Auburn in the 2014 NBA Draft: 6pm CST, ESPN

Let's talk about Auburn and the NBA draft.

Kevin C. Cox

First, I have a confession: I haven't really paid that much attention to Auburn basketball in my life.  I did as a student when we last went to the Sweet 16 in 2003.  I really wanted to get excited about Auburn basketball with the new Arena and when Tony Barbee was hired.  It just never worked out.  However, with the Bruce Pearl hire, bringing the Rifleman back to the Plains, and the new talent coming in, I think it will be much easier to get involved in Auburn basketball over the next few years.  I fully expect that next year we will be discussing the legitimate draft possibilities of Auburn basketball players.

Only two former Tigers are in this year's NBA draft: Chris Denson and Ashaun Dixon-Tatum.  Chris Denson was 2nd Team All-SEC this past season, and I believe he played at a level that warranted 1st Team, but Auburn as a whole did him no favors.  He is definitely driven to succeed, but as pointed out elsewhere there are other circumstances that will likely lead to him not being picked tonight. Dixon-Tatum has worked out with at least one NBA team, but will also likely end up undrafted by the end of the night.  Neither of these two former Tigers is projected in the various Mock Drafts.  Their best bets for the NBA will likely be as Undrafted Free Agents.

On a related note, if there is anyone who is particular passionate about writing Auburn basketball, I'm going to have a post up in the next day or so calling for new contributors here at College and Magnolia.  Having more people with a much better knowledge of basketball than mine would definitely help.

Enjoy the NBA Draft tonight with the knowledge that with the way Coach Pearl & Company seem to be going so far, we should be talking about more Auburn pro prospects in the very near future.