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College and Magnolia Calls For New Contributors

College and Magnolia is looking for knowledgeable people who love Auburn, want to write about Auburn, and can do so about once per week.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

So here is where I start asking for help. I've spoken with many of the previous contributors and there are a large number of them who plan on continuing to write for us here at C&M. However, we can always use more help.

In particular I would like some more people who are basketball-savvy. I suspect Auburn basketball is going to start being very fun again very quickly, and we need individuals who know the game of basketball well and can talk about it. I admit to not being the best follower of Auburn basketball in the past, but I'm likely going to grab season tickets for this year. Exciting times are coming, and we want someone who wants to talk about it.

There are plenty of other Auburn topics. We will obviously have a lot of people talking about football. Jared Robertson has done an awesome job of covering recruiting in the past and plans to stick around and continue, but with today's world of recruiting we can always use others to help out with it.  I'd also love to find someone who is interested in talking about the non-revenue sports. These rarely receive the attention they deserve, and Auburn has some wonderful teams who represent the school proudly and successfully. If you're interested in talking about softball (another team that I suspect will be doing great things in the near future under Clint Myers), track & field, tennis, gymnastics, golf, etc, I would love to give those sports a voice as well. You don't have to have experience with sports writing. There are plenty of people all over SBNation whose only writing experience is on an SBNation site.

So for anyone interested, send an e-mail (preferably with a writing sample of some sort) to  I look forward to adding new voices to the community to go along with the excellent voices we already have.