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A Collection of Stories Remembering Philip Lutzenkirchen

A collection of stories, articles, videos, etc from yesterday and this morning.

Butch Dill

Good morning, everyone. We'll get back to scheduled stuff soon, but this morning I just wanted to gather a lot of the best stories about Lutzie to come out from yesterday and post them here.

First is a collection of tweets and videos from SB Nation's own Jason Kirk on the Mothership.

Charles Goldberg on has some stories from Auburn players.

Phillip Marshall covers a similar topic in his always stately way

Opelika-Auburn News writer Alex Byington writes about Lutz's joking manner.

Lutz's roommate Brian Penter wrote a very moving tribute.

And Jeremy Henderson of The War Eagle Reader sums it up better than most all of us, as he usually does.

Like so many other Auburn fans, I wish I could have awoken this morning and found out the news from yesterday never actually happened. I was sad to see on my run this morning that crews were already cleaning remnants of yesterday afternoon's rolling of the area near Toomer's as a final goodbye to an Auburn great.

I have every confidence that the school and the football team will find some fitting way to honor Lutz's memory during this coming football season. I hope that the #43 becomes an honor. It should be a team-voted award for the player who best represents what an Auburn Man should be. And by similar token I think some sort of image of Philip should become the visual representation of an "Auburn Man."

Philip Lutzenkirchen will be greatly missed by all. Our thoughts and prayers again go out to his family and the family of Ian Davis. War Eagle always, Philip.