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College and Magnolia Weekend Thread

Discuss everything Auburn!

You can buy similar vests now at J&M!!!!!
You can buy similar vests now at J&M!!!!!
John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

In order to save some article ideas, introductions, etc. for the next few weeks of the offseason, I'm just going to throw this out there for anyone who drops by over the weekend to chat about anything Auburn. If big news pops up we'll obviously report on it, but hopefully it's a nice and quiet weekend. I'll be away from the Plains in Atlanta visiting the girlfriend (I mentioned you Karie, are you happy now!?), but will always have Twitter on my iPhone or iPad, etc and I'll drop in every once in a while to opine on anything y'all may throw out in the comments. Feel free to continue discussions of your personal top Auburn games, what you think of the SEC DL preview (Karie, a Georgia Southern grad, thinks Florida doesn't deserve to be on any list whatsoever), or just how much you miss Auburn and can't wait for football.

If you're a new reader or someone who has been lurking and reading the articles and browsing the comments, now's a good time to sign up for an SB Nation account and join in the conversation! It's free and I promise we don't bite. We welcome anyone who wants to join in.

Next week is SEC Media Days, so we'll be back going strong with news from there on Monday. There's sure to be controversy in some form, even if it's nothing but forced controversy by the media trying to stir things up.