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“Once You Have Experienced It, You Will Never Be The Same”

New contributor Matt Donaldson joins us.

My Dad and I at the 2010 BCS National Championship Game
My Dad and I at the 2010 BCS National Championship Game

War Eagle! Continuing the trend of introducing new contributors, my name is Matt Donaldson and I love Auburn.

My dad graduated in the Class of 1980, and instilled the love of Auburn football in me from a young age. I grew up mostly in Texas, often the lone Auburn representative in the area.

I spent many years explaining to classmates that Auburn was both a place and a university, and had a successful SEC football program. After 2004, that process got a lot easier.

When the opportunity came to attend Auburn myself, I jumped at the chance. I began in the fall of 2007 and stayed for five and a half years, somehow managing to obtain two degrees in the process. Auburn became home for me, and it always will be.

Since moving to Tennessee in April 2013, I’ve found myself wanting to connect with Auburn people and Auburn opportunities. The chance to be a part of College & Magnolia was something I couldn’t turn down.

I’m a fan of all things Auburn, though as we all know, football tends to carry the most weight. I am really excited to see what Coach Pearl can bring to the basketball program.

But first things first. I’m looking forward to year two of Gus Malzahn’s tenure and hoping for more excitement and accomplishment from the 2014 squad. And still recovering from the Earth-shattering ride they gave us last year.

I look forward to enjoying this journey with everyone. Let's make it a fun ride.