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War Eagle, Everybody

Chris Roberts joins the team. The board is almost set.

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War Eagle, everyone. Walt has asked all of the new writers coming into the fold to introduce ourselves so here goes. My name is Chris Roberts and I have been part of the Auburn family for 30 years as my first experience was a game watching Bo Jackson run. My love for Auburn runs deep and has survived many years living in Oklahoma, Tennessee, and even Georgia.

I will be covering softball for College and Mag, a sport I have spent quite a bit of my life around. For beginners, I was introduced to the sport in Oklahoma when my sister began to play and I helped her learn the game being the older brother. Over the next 15 years, my role was coaching and warm-up catcher for her as she played in travel ball, high school, and college. Following her exit from the sport, I have had the privilege to coach some young ladies both new and experienced in the game.

Along with Walt, I am very excited and looking forward to what is coming in the years ahead with Auburn softball. Coach Clint Myers brings quite a pedigree from his time at Arizona State and with time should be able to repeat the success he found there. It was very disappointing the way last year ended but showed lots of promise and glimpses of what is to come.

Along with my work here, my other passion is being the host of SECond Takes Podcast where all things Auburn are discussed. It will be a pleasure to join this group as well to discuss all the great things that Auburn is. You may contact me either on twitter @SECondTakes or email at


Chris Roberts