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USA dominates World Cup of Softball; Auburn's Melero makes good showing

Auburn's own Branndi Melero performs well in World Cup of Softball for Mexico while the USA dominates

For those of us who follow softball, the outcome of the World Cup of Softball 2014 was not very surprising. The eight team tourney finishes its ninth year with the United States regaining its throne. Just last year, the US team was upset by Japan, the other softball world power. The US team went 6-0 on its way to the championship which - as noted previously - is not much of a shocker to people who follow the sport.

In some bitter sweet news, Branndi Melero and team Mexico finished 2-4 with two losses to the US team. Despite the losing record, Melero made a good showing and represented Auburn well with a couple of big hits. One such display was a 2-2 night with 6 RBI's including a Grand Slam against the Phillipines which ended the game via the run-rule. In another appearance, Melero's solo home run helped lift Mexico to a win against Venezuela.

For this Auburn softball fan, Melero's outings against some of the best in the world show what a great future lies ahead for Auburn softball. War Eagle, Brandi. Thank you for being a great Auburn athlete.

Until next time....WAR EAGLE!!!

Chris Roberts