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UPDATE: New Information on Auburn's Self-Reported Violations Leaked!

Bobby Barkley gives us an update on Auburn's self-reported violations with a document we've obtained through questionable means.

Could Jay Jacobs have unlocked the true secret of Auburn's NCAA Self-Reported Violations?
Could Jay Jacobs have unlocked the true secret of Auburn's NCAA Self-Reported Violations?
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

This week, reports have begun to surface about Auburn Athletics and its self-reported NCAA violations. The document, which is 23 pages long and includes everything from "secret Internet codes" to Facebook messages, is now available online to the public. Much of the document has been redacted with what appears to be black permanent ink, but many details are still easily discernible by fans and critics alike.

We here at CaM have been apprehensive to give our point of view on these issues...until today.

Sources tell us that they have obtained a copy of Auburn Athletic Director Jay Jacobs' personal, printed copy of a particular email sent to the NCAA regarding a certain prospective student-athlete. We understand that after printing the email, which recounts "the summary of facts involving the official paid visit of [a] prospective student-athlete," Jacobs took the document with him to a meeting, took out a green pen, and began to tell another story--perhaps the real story of what happened on the morning of April 12, 2014.

For those unable to read his handwriting, it appears that several coaches of a sport that we're not at liberty to reveal played a prank on Mr. Jacobs before lunchtime involving a locked men's restroom and Twitter. According to the document's annotations, which include a drawing of an airplane in the top right corner and a foreshadowing of perhaps the greatest Kick-Six troll of all time on the first page, it seems that this is not the first time Auburn coaches have "bailed" on Jay Jacobs for lunch using a locked door.

We've included the document below. It contains very sensitive information and very raw emotions. You have been warned. Click on the pictures for clearer versions.