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Your Weekend Thread. Six Weekends Without Football Left!

It's Friday! Tell us what YOU'RE going to be doing.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Last week I told y'all to behave on Friday and look what happened! I'm off to Atlanta - again - though this time for drill and then a week of annual training. You'll still get some posts by me during the week because of the magical ability to set publication times on articles, but I'm not going to be able to respond as quickly to any breaking news or offer too much in the way of quick analysis or respond to comments in articles for a bit. Fortunately we have a great team of writers here who will have you covered should something happen. And I'll still be around on my phone, iPad, and maybe able to get my computer hooked up to a network or two during the week depending on what I'm doing, so I won't be completely out of the loop. And I'll constantly be checking Twitter on my phone.

So what are y'all's plans for the weekend? How are you spending one of six weekends left of the summer before college football returns? Personally I'd rather be watching The Open Championship, but duty calls. Y'all be good. Seriously. Be good this time. Please? I'm begging you.

War Eagle.