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Who do YOU want Auburn to play?

We check in with our readers about who they would like to see Auburn play in the future

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Yesterday's announcement of renewing the Auburn/Clemson series (can you really call it a rivalry when we're 14-2 against them since 1952 and 34-13-2 all-time) was met with a loud and resounding "MEH" from many in the Auburn fan base. The feeling in the comment section over at Shakin The Southland seems to be mutual. All agree it should be a good series and understand the reasons, but the general feeling is "haven't we played them enough, lately?"

Van Allen Plexico - he of the Wishbone Podcast, Sci-fi and Auburn author, and War Eagle Reader contributor - pointed out on Twitter yesterday that from December 2007 - December 2017 Auburn will have played Clemson six times, but traditional rival Florida only once. This is assuming Auburn and Florida don't meet in the SEC Championship Game before then, of course. Issues of SEC scheduling with expansion aside, this is just crazy. It shouldn't exactly be surprising, though. We're seeing the death of so many "traditional" rivalries due to expansion and the Auburn/Florida and Auburn/Tennessee rivalries were already in decline due to the first SEC expansion and scheduling changes.

I can't locate the tweet from yesterday where someone discussed that Auburn has tried to get home-and-home games with Ohio State, Michigan, and Notre Dame in the past and has open invitations for it, but that those teams don't want to come south to play. I suspect there's also an element of Auburn doesn't want to go north in November, too. To be fair, that's in the meat of Amen Corner for Auburn and I would have zero desire to see us end the season with UGA, one of those three (well... maybe ND) and then Alabama. That would be crazy.

I mentioned yesterday that I would love a home-and-home with Oregon. Their OOC slate is full for the foreseeable future, though. Texas? Similar. Miami? Not really sure. We've had a vote for Boston College in the previous thread. I could get behind that just to stomp on a team that has stolen our tradition of flying an eagle before the game (ignore that Georgia Southern does it, too; nothing to see there, nope, never schedule Georgia Southern, please).

So who would YOU like to see Auburn schedule a home-and-home with? Vote below, or choose "other" and tell us in the comments!