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A Sunday Afternoon Walk: Reviewing the Week in Auburn

We take a brief look at some Auburn related SB Nation stories and a general summary of what's happened here at College and Magnolia over the past week

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Good afternoon, everyone! I don't know if I'm going to make this a regular feature or not, but for today I thought it might be good to catch up on some things that you may have missed during the week or over the weekend here at College and Magnolia and over other SB Nation sites as a whole. This includes some recruiting links, previews, and some information about things to come here at College and Mag.

SB Nation:

Bud Elliot has a rundown on the Elite 11 and The Opening recruiting camps going on this coming week.  There are a few Auburn targets competing at these camps, including QB Deondre Francois at the Elite 11 and OT Martez Ivey at The Opening. No Auburn targets are expected to commit at these camps. Recruiting at Auburn has gotten a bit quiet in the past week or so, but that's to be expected with the majority of the coaches taking well deserved vacations.

Michael Bird discusses how the Iron Bowl is becoming College Football's Perfect Rivalry.

Jason Kirk discusses the beautiful letter written by Philip Lutzenkirchen's sister Abby remembering her brother.

Our friends over at For Whom The Cowbell Tolls are compiling blog poll rankings on position strength among the SEC. These should be posted every Sunday. This week's is discussing the Defensive Lines. I am not as well versed in other SEC teams' position strength, but I took a shot at this week's and I'll have a post on that in the very near future.

College and Magnolia:

New contributor Dr Z wrote a touching tribute to Philip Lutzenkirchen. We'll have an introductory post from him tomorrow along with introducing some other new contributors this week.

Speaking of, Bobby Barkley introduced himself to the readers of College and Magnolia.

WarRoomEagle continues his series of cut ups on the offensive and defensive side of the ball with the FAU and Arkansas games.

And finally, I am halfway through my series of posts on the Top Ten Auburn games I have attended with the most personal memories to me. These are:


As I discussed earlier, we're going to have at least two introductions of new contributors this week. One I've been sitting on for a few days because I wanted to wait and release it during the week when it would get more exposure. Hopefully very soon we'll get into previewing this year's Auburn Tigers. SEC Media Days is coming up, so there will be plenty of stories and drama coming out of that. We're less than two months away from football season, now. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

War Eagle!