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An Introduction is in Order

Dr Z formally introduces himself to College and Magnolia

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

I thought I would take a moment to introduce myself to you all as I start out on a new blog.  My name is Zack Steele, and I am very excited for the opportunity to contribute to the best Auburn blog on the world wide web.

In 2009, my good friend Rob Pate and I decided we should start an Auburn blog.  Since we are both optometrists in the Birmingham Alabama area, we named the blog Eyes On Auburn.

On our blog, Rob handled the X's and O's and gave a unique perspective that only a former player could give.  I mostly handled the comic relief.

Rob moved on after the 2012 season to take a gig with Rivals, and I kept plugging away with Eyes until this opportunity came up.

The 2013 season was probably my favorite Auburn season of all time, and that includes 2010.  Like everyone else, I love an underdog.  The 2010 season was marred with so much sour grapes from the rest of the college football world.  It often, at least to me, made it hard to enjoy.  In 2013, Auburn was pretty much America's sweetheart, with the UGA and Iron Bowl finishes.  Auburn beat the spread something like 9 straight weeks in 2013, and in many of those ballgames, Auburn was the underdog.  And like I said, we all love the underdog.

I look forward to giving analysis and  some comic relief.  I have said many times I am much funnier when we lose.  I hope that I never have to be funny.

I am a huge basketball fan as well.  I was in school at Auburn when Cliff's Ellis took Auburn to upper crust of college basketball.  Unfortunately, it has been a downhill slalom ever since.   I am hoping that changes in a big way under Bruce Pearl.  He is, in my humble opinion, one  of the top 5 or 10 college coaches in the country.  If anyone can turn the Auburn program around, it is Coach Pearl.

Again, I look forward to writing on College and Mag.

Until next time, War Eagle!