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Auburn Announces Gameday Improvements

Auburn announced some improvements to the Game Day Experience, today. Let's examine them.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor
My comments are in italics and bold where I've decided to make a comment. The official site with other information is located here.
  1. The price of 20 oz. bottled water has been reduced from $4 to $2. Hey, a drop in prices is always a good thing and I will celebrate it. Especially when you consider the water stations that allow you to refill bottles.
  2. Auburn will honor the 10th anniversary of the undefeated 2004 SEC Championship football team at the San Jose State game. As they should. And maybe even consider hanging a Natty banner, as well.
  3. Fans can now get mobile ticket delivery to their smartphones, which can be scanned directly from their devices at the gates of Jordan-Hare Stadium. Mobile tickets is a great addition. Now fans who chose this option don't have to worry about leaving their tickets at home.
  4. Young Alumni (0-3 years removed from Auburn University) can get a special discounted Tigers Unlimited membership of $130, along with their season ticket purchase, and sit in section 37 with their fellow young graduates. The program has sold out for 2014. Get 'em while they're young.
  5. Dining opportunities for the general public on Friday nights at the new Wellness Kitchen.
  6. Auburn will honor the 25th anniversary of the 1989 SEC Champion football team at the Louisiana Tech game.
  7. Ticket scalpers are now required to have a license to sell tickets around Auburn and Jordan-Hare Stadium. Scalpers will wear identification as part of that license. While this doesn't legitimize the tickets as authentic, it does give the buyer the ability to write down the name of the seller to notify the authorities if counterfeit tickets are identified. If you were following on Twitter earlier, there was some discussion on this. This will apply to those who are selling above face value and is not designed to affect somoene selling their extra tickets because someone couldn't make it to that game.
  8. Bar codes were added to the faculty/staff tickets to allow faculty/staff to enter any public gate making previously assigned gates available for all fans. YES, THANK YOU.
  9. The Auburn Gameday mobile application will have free audio streaming of the Auburn IMG Network radio broadcast. Since I will be at drill doing Individual Weapons Qualifications during the Ole Miss game, I thank them for this. It is also fantastic for when someone is travelling and can't pick up the game on any radio station. I've been in that position before.
  10. Fans will be allowed on the field at the conclusion of the Samford game.
  11. The price of hot dogs has been reduced from $4 to $3. Now I can buy a hot dog and a water with a $fiver and that's awesome.
  12. Gate 19 will be an exclusive entrance for Scholarship Donors. This gate was not previously open for access.
  13. There will be bathroom attendants located in all the restrooms in the lower levels. Would you like a mint, sir? I'm sure this is just regarding overflowing/clogged toilets, out of paper towels/TP, etc. It's still a great idea.
  14. There will be additional "grab-and-go" concessions stands located around Gates 0 and 2.
  15. Café Jordan-Hare, the unique dining experience at the 50 yard line, will be open on Oct. 3 and Oct. 24.
  16. There will be increased free water stations on the concourse. See above in regards to lower priced water
  17. Jordan-Hare Stadium cellular DAS was upgraded with additional AWS spectrum for increased 4G data capacity. I want to believe this will make a difference. Really I do. We'll see, I guess.
  18. Auburn Fast t-shirts sold at local retailers.
  19. Restrooms in the lower level have added fans and audio for access to the Auburn IMG Network broadcasts. The added fans will be great for the Arkansas game, and it will also be nice to be able to keep up with game action during the timeframe one is inside the restrooms.
  20. A new ticket package - Family Four Pack - four tickets for $100 for the San Jose State game.
  21. SEC Nation, the pregame show for the SEC Network, will be on campus for the season opener against Arkansas. Yay. I guess? Maybe? I'm not thrilled with their talent line up. And I'm not sold on the SEC Network as a whole, yet. I want to believe it will be critical and objective, but the initial show run yesterday on ESPN makes me think it's going to be a pure PR/Self-slobbering thing.
  22. The videoboard will feature fan interaction through social media, with Instagram videos, twitter posts and gameday selfies. Eh.
  23. Auburn redesigned the website to help streamline the ticket information and purchasing process. Streamlining is always good.
  24. Students can now get invested in Auburn football through the Tigers Unlimited U program which allows current students to join the foundation and begin earning double ticket priority points.
  25. The third annual military appreciation game is set for Nov. 8 vs. Texas A&M. As a veteran I'm always up for this type of thing. Two years ago we had a jump team parachute into the stadium and actual parade cannons on the field during the 1812 Overture. I have no clue what will be planned for it this season, but I may be able to give some inside scoops on that at some point.
There you have it! Two and a half weeks, folks.