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Auburn Position Preview: Cornerbacks

Continuing our look at where Auburn stands with just two weeks to go before the football season.

Jeff Gross

Key Losses:

Chris Davis, Ryan White

Key Returnees:

Jonathon Mincy, Josh Holsey, Jonathon Jones, T.J. Davis, Kamryn Melton, Trovon Reed


Kalvarez Bessent, Joseph Turner (JUCO), Stephen Roberts

Causes for optimism:

A healthy Josh Holsey was a great weapon in the defensive backfield the first few games last year. Right now he is behind Mincy and Jonathon Jones, but will likely start the Arkansas game in place of Mincy. On the other side is Trovon Reed behind Jonathon Jones. Reed moved to CB this spring after having been a WR his entire career. I really hope he's able to excel at this position. Many colleges were recruiting him to be a CB out of high school. JUCO Joseph Turner has shown some signs of promise from the very few things I've read about him. This is an experienced group for the starters and the first up afterwards. After that it slacks off. A lot. I've heard good things about Kalvarez Bessent, but nothing concrete. It will be hard to tell about the freshmen until they get actual game experience.

Causes for concern:

Depth behind the starters. According to Ellis Johnson's press conference today, right now we have Holsey behind Jones and Mincy, and he's an excellent back up if needed, but behind that it will be relying on underclassmen with little experience. Thankfully the freshmen were highly recruited and have been showing signs of promise. I imagine they will get some looks early on in the year at times, even if it's just to get them into the games for some experience. They will likely be needed at some point. I hope Holsey's knee is fully healed and he's able to stay healthy. He may be the key to success at the CB position this season.

Next up: Safeties