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Discussing Auburn with Ignorant People

Things Every Tiger Fan Should Know and Be Able to Articulate

Kevin C. Cox

Each year as fall approaches, I try to remember the past. Auburn has quite an incredible football history, yet it seems that it’s under appreciated and misunderstood by the college football world around us.

Arrogant ignorance annoys me. So many fans I meet from across the country simply don’t know their history when it comes to Auburn. No one believes that Auburn has an edge in the last 25 Iron Bowls. Most don’t believe Auburn has the most SEC titles in the last 10 years. While it's not our job to convince everyone that our team is the best (looking at you Bammers), it is helpful to know your facts.

Rather than being frustrated by those often mind-numbing conversations, view them as opportunities to proudly talk about Auburn football. I think Auburn folks typically are not as confident in our football team's achievements as they should be. We have plenty to be happy about and a success level that most other schools would take in an instant.

After the indescribable ride 2013 gave us, there’s no better time to reassess Auburn’s place among college football’s elite. Hopefully some of these stats and facts will help you (and others) better understand and appreciate Auburn’s recent past and our great accomplishments.

Things Every Auburn Fan Should Know and Be Able to Articulate:

  • Auburn has won more SEC titles than any other program in the last ten years.
  • Auburn is tied for the most perfect seasons in all of college football in the last 25 years with Nebraska – each school has three.
  • Each of Auburn’s last five football coaches has either had a perfect season or an SEC title (Dye, Bowden, Tuberville, Chizik, Malzahn).
  • Since Alabama dropped its cowardice and began playing football games at Jordan-Hare in 1989, Auburn is leading the series 13-12.
  • Auburn is 305-5 when scoring 30 points all time.
  • Auburn doesn't have mascot confusion any more than Alabama, Tennessee, or Texas A&M does.
  • The last head coach to leave Auburn by choice was Shug Jordan. Coaches don't leave Auburn.
  • Auburn did not claim additional national championships this spring – it is recognizing the titles already recognized by different groups affiliated with the NCAA.
  • A Mississippi State booster was recorded in talks to pay Cecil Newton – not Auburn.
  • The NCAA came out with a statement closing the Cam Newton and the "HBO Four" investigation in the fall of 2011, stating that they found no wrongdoing from Auburn. So apparently those who still believe Auburn is guilty thinks we paid off the NCAA? If that’s true look out – Auburn is pretty powerful.
  • It’s been over twenty years since Auburn has been found guilty of a major NCAA violation.

I’m sure there are many facts and statistics missing here that should be included. Comment below and add the Auburn accomplishments that you would like the rest of the nation to take notice of!