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One Second

Auburn has new TV spots for this football season

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn has produced two new TV spots for this season to be played during games. Ones in the past have featured the Auburn Creed, Cam Newton, the Auburn Institute of Exploding Dog Studies, as well as many other things we know and love so much about Auburn University. I have to say I love the choices for this year and the direction they decided to go.

They both follow familiar themes from commercials of the past few years. I'm sure what they are supposed to focus on is in part dictated by the NCAA. The first video involves Stan White's commencement speech from this past year and features a certain play I know we're all familiar with:

The second video also features that play, but focuses on all of the opportunities available at Auburn:

I love how much the school is owning this whole "one second" thing and running with it in just about everything we do. I love it because you know it has to irk Alabama fans something awful.

So what do y'all think of these videos?