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Catching Up On the Past Few Days

With the new semester starting on the Plains, things have been a bit hectic. Here's some things that have been going on.

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With the new semester beginning and settling back into the routine of teaching, meetings, PT, etc, it's been a bit busy, so content hasn't been coming as much as I would like over the past few days. We'll be settling in to our game week routines on Monday beginning with Franklin Featherston's preview of the SEC in general. I'll put up a post soon on what I'm hoping the weekly schedules will be like in terms of when you can expect what articles, stories, and features during all but the Kansas State game week.

That being said, let's talk about some things that have been talked about over the past few days.

Phillip Marshall has a good wrap up of Gus Malzahn's brief press conference yesterday discussing LaDarius Owens back at practice, Jaylon Denson being out for non-injury related reasons, and Senior walk-on full back Patrick Young's injury.

James Crepea has a great article on freshman DE Raashed Kennion's progress. I really didn't even discuss Kennion in my Defensive End preview. When I wrote that, Kennion's name had not even been brought up by coaches in any press conferences or interviews to my knowledge. Now it seems Kennion is pushing for serious playing time as a pass-rush specialist.

Crepea also discussed Malzahn's response when asked if there was any chance Marshall may still start the opener. The answer was an emphatic "no." Gus still hasn't named a starter for the game, though most everyone believes it will be Jeremy Johnson. There is always a chance it's Cameron Artis-Payne in the wild-cat. I'm just saying.

In LOLWUT? news, Matt Stinchcomb doesn't think Auburn's offensive line is in the Top 5. In the SEC. Ok, Matt. Sure.

And finally, Mark Paden from reminded me of something I missed completely in my special teams preview:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>I&#39;m not panicking yet, but we&#39;re less than two weeks from kickoff and Malzahn has yet to name a starting field goal returner.</p>&mdash; Mark P (@TheAuburner) <a href="">August 20, 2014</a></blockquote>

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