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The C&M Gameweek Schedule

I just wanted to give everyone a brief heads up on what things will be like going forward. This is in regards to scheduled football content, only. There will be basketball content, Olympic sports updates, etc.

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Times will be subject to change, and things won't always be perfect, but here's an idea of what we want to go forward with. I'm going to start with Mondays, since this game week is beginning, today.


Morning Links

Light-hearted review of previous week's game - Dr Z

Rest of the SEC - Franklin Featherston

Are We Going Back - Josh Dowdy

Home on the Plains - Everett Duke


Morning Links

Xs and Os Reviews -Tuco (Defense) and WarRoomEagle (Offense)

Undercover Barner - Peggy Rossmanith


Morning Links

Wednesdays With Oscar Whiskey - OW

Tailgating - runyogasurf

Feel of the Campus - Sam Butler


Morning Links

Watch List Watching - Emily Rios

Recruiting Update - Jared Robertson

Opponent Q&A - Walt Austin

Thursday Night Game Open Thread


Morning Links

Serious Preview - Matt Donaldson

Light-hearted Preview - Bobby Barkley

C&M Game Predictions - Staff


Game Open Thread

Reactions from Section 102 (or the couch) - Walt Austin (as close to immediate post-game as possible)


A Night To Sleep On It Reaction - Walt Austin

Polls/Rankings - Walt Austin

That's it, for now. I have an idea for another preview I may try to do at some point during the week, myself. It'll be based on the military five paragraph Operations Order because I'm a huge nerd like that. I'll be here to put up something quick on breaking news, and you as fans/readers are always welcome to post FanPosts (150-175+ words) or a FanShot (image, link, video, etc) if there's something you want to bring to everyone's attention. Those are located on the right side of your screen. And if it's awesome enough and/or important enough I'll pin it on the front page!

Game Week is here, everyone. Get exited!