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Auburn 2014 Two-Deep Analysis

Let's look at the Two-deep released today.

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

If you're interested in a deeper look at the positions, see the position previews from the last few weeks. Comments are bold and italicized where any were made.



1. Nick Marshall (6-1, 210, Sr.)
2. Jeremy Johnson (6-5, 230, So.)

No surprises, here. We've known this for a while. Word out of today's press conference that JJ would start the Arkansas game was not a surprise, either.

Running back

1. Cameron Artis-Payne (5-11, 210, Sr.) or Corey Grant (5-11, 205, Sr.)

1A and 1B, here. Also not that surprising. Barber and Thomas are fighting for the #3 spot, and Pettway will likely redshirt.

Tight end/H-back

1. C.J. Uzomah (6-5, 264, Sr.) or Brandon Fulse (6-4, 258, Sr.)

Left tackle

1. Shon Coleman (6-6, 310, So.)
2. Braden Smith (6-6, 299, Fr.)

I have a request for everyone. Please get to the Arkansas game in time for starting lineups to be announced. I know it's not possible for everyone, but I would absolutely love it if Jordan-Hare Stadium erupted into a roar equaling a big touchdown when Shon Coleman's name is announced as the starting left tackle.

In other news, Braden "Drago, The Terminator, etc" Smith is his #2. Smith could see the field in many ways, this fall.

Left guard

1. Chad Slade (6-5, 315, Sr.)
2. Devonte Danzey (6-4, 296, Jr.)


1. Reese Dismukes (6-3, 295, Sr.)
2. Xavier Dampeer (6-2, 296, Jr.)

Right guard

1. Avery Young (6-5, 315, Jr.)
2. Jordan Diamond (6-6, 318, So.)

Right tackle

1. Pat Miller (6-7, 299, Jr.)
2. Robert Leff (6-6, 286, So.)

Wide receiver

1. D'haquille Williams (6-2, 216, Jr.)
2. Melvin Ray (6-3, 207, Jr.)

Wide receiver

1. Sammie Coates (6-2, 201, Jr.)
2. Tony Stevens (6-4, 198, So.)

Wide receiver

1. Ricardo Louis (6-2, 212, Jr.) or Quan Bray (5-10, 195, Sr.)

Wide receiver

1. Marcus Davis (5-9, 180, So.)
2. Stanton Truitt (5-9, 175, Fr.)

On the WR corps as a whole... that's a lot of talent. That's a fantastic two-deep. As I stated in my position previews, I don't know if I've ever seen an Auburn receiving corps this talented across the board.



1. Elijah Daniel (6-2, 263, So.
2. DaVonte Lambert (6-2, 293, Jr.)

Daniel showed promise last season and was a 4* recruit, himself. He should be just fine in this position.


1. Gabe Wright (6-3, 289, Sr.)
2. LaDarius Owens (6-2, 259, Sr.)

Gabe moved ahead of Owens at end in part due to Owens missing time from an infection. I can't wait to see what he does with the opportunity to play on the edge.


1. Jeff Whitaker (6-4, 322, Sr.)
2. Ben Bradley (6-1, 303, Sr.)

Good to see Whitaker back after some injury-plagued seasons. Hopefully he and the other seniors provide excellent leadership for the rest of the line. We will see everyone in the two-deep play at least. There may be others, as well.


1. Angelo Blackson (6-4, 306, Sr.)
2. Montravius Adams (6-4, 306, So.)

Mike linebacker

1. Cassanova McKinzy(6-3, 249, Jr.)
2. Anthony Swain (6-2, 249, Jr.)

Will linebacker

1. Kris Frost (6-2, 240, Jr.)
2. Tre Williams (6-2, 225, Fr.)

Tre Williams has apparently been a shining star as a freshman. I look forward to seeing how he develops during his Auburn career.


1. Justin Garrett (6-1, 224, Jr.)
2. Nick Ruffin (6-0, 174, Fr.)

Still no news on Therezie.

Field cornerback

1. Jonathan Jones (5-10, 182, Jr.)
2. Trovon Reed (6-0, 190, Sr.)

Boundary cornerback

1. Jonathon Mincy (5-10, 196, Sr.)
2. Josh Holsey (5-11, 192, Jr.)

Holsey will get the start, but Malzahn was clear that Mincy would play against Arkansas.

Free safety

1. Jermaine Whitehead (5-11, 193, Sr.)
2. Stephen Roberts (5-11, 180, Fr.)

True freshman and local (Opelika) boy Stephen Roberts makes the two-deep. He was a prospect many were excited about and it appears he has lived up to the hype.

Boundary safety

1. Rudy Ford (6-0, 199, So.)
2. Derrick Moncrief (6-2, 218, Jr.)

Rudy Ford moved ahead of Moncrief partially due to Moncrief's injury, but also because he is excellent as a DB. Hopefully he plays strong enough to keep the starting job. Not because I don't want Moncrief starting, but because I don't want there to be any struggles in Auburn's secondary.



1. Daniel Carlson (6-4, 215, RFr.)
2. Alex Kviklys (6-1, 191, Jr.)


1. Daniel Carlson (6-4, 215, RFr.)
2. Matthew Shiel (5-11, 195, Fr.)

Wow, Jimmy Hutchinson didn't even make the two-deep at punter. That's a surprise.

Punt return

1. Quan Bray (5-10, 195, Sr.)
2. Marcus Davis (5-9, 180, So.)

Catch the ball first, Quan. Then worry about making moves. That's all I ask.

Kickoff return

1. Corey Grant (5-11, 205, Sr.) and Ricardo Louis (6-2, 212, Jr.)
2. Roc Thomas (5-10, 193, Fr.) and Rudy Ford (6-0, 199, So.)

Lots and lots of speed and excitement.

Deep snapper
1. Forrest Hill (6-1, 248, Sr.)
2. Ike Powell (6-3, 264, Fr.)


1. Tyler Stovall (6-1, 207, RFr.)
2. Jonathan Wallace (6-2, 207, Jr.)

I'm surprised at this. Particularly since it makes swinging gate extra points much less likely. Or maybe Stovall is excellent at hitting the receiver on them and he is #1 because of that.