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Q&A with Arkansas Fight

I had a back-and-forth Q&A with Arkansas Fight's Ryan Higgins. Here are my questions to him and his responses.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

You can find their questions for me and my answers over at Arkansas Fight!

1) How are Arkansas fans feeling about this game?

I'd say 90% of the fan base thinks the Hogs will at least cover and maybe 50% think the Hogs will pull off the upset. As long as it is a close game, I think everyone will be pleased.

2) Why does Arkansas have such a history of giving Auburn fits?

I think a lot of it began with Tommy Tuberville's ability to crap the bed and then roll around in it. Gene Chizik only beat the Hogs once, as well. Arkansas' underdog mentality plays into the series record considering Auburn is usually ranked much higher than the Hogs when both teams get together. Albeit, nothing gets my blood boiling more than that phantom holding call on George Wilson that took away a touchdown when y'all upset us 10-3 back in 2003. Damn you Penn Wagers!

3) What Arkansas player has really stepped up this fall and looks to make a big impact?

Since 1/3 of the traveling roster is made up of newcomers/freshman, I will take one of them. I'm hoping Bijhon Jackson (true freshman DT) is a big help. He's an Arkansas boy and as Coach Bielema said, "He's got a great ass."

4) On a scale of Frank Broyles to Houston Nutt, how do Arkansas fans feel about Bielema? After 0-8 in the SEC, does a loss to Auburn begin putting him on a hot seat, is he already there, or does it depend upon the manner of loss? Similarly, how would a win affect Arkansas fans' outlook on Bielema?

I think he's got a Danny Ford level of approval rating. Bielema has a track record of success at his previous employer, but has taken over a truck fire, I mean, dumpster fire of a program, much like Ford did. He will get four years like any other coach would in this situation. The Auburn game can only make his approval rating rise, because Arkansas isn't expected to win anyway. If he is 0-16 at the end of the season, then it might really hit the fan.

5) Is there any good coach out there in Arkansas y'all can send us once Gus takes an NFL job in a few years? Or maybe we already have him in Lashlee.

Y'all should go with Lashlee, but if you want another high school coach you should take Kevin Kelley at Pulaski Academy in Little Rock. He never punts and always does onside kicks. He's won three state titles doing it like that.

6) Final score prediction?

41-17, Auburn. It might be close in the first half, but Malzahn's second half adjustments/substitution of Nick Marshall will blow the game open in the second half.