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Auburn vs Arkansas Predictions

The College and Magnolia staff predict the final to the game against the Razorbacks.

Michael Chang

Dusty Miller:

Serious: AU comes in hyped up and must settle down. Arky strikes first, but Gus/EJ gets things on track before the half. Final: 42-20 Tigers

Absurd: AU jumps to a 21-0 lead within the first 5 minutes of play after housing the opening kickoff, returning a pick-6 on Arky's first snap, a 3-out, and a flea flicker on AU's first offensive snap. All downhill for the Pigs from the coin toss. AU grills Arky 62-13.

Dr Z:

How this game is determined depends on how well Jeremy Johnson starts the game. How long Nick Marshall sits for his suspension also depends on how well Jeremy Johnson starts the game. Methinks the line on this game is too high. Auburn 38 Hogs-24.

Bobby Barkley:

On our pregame show, I said 31-20.

To stay consistent with my CaM Barning, I'm gonna say Auburn 45, Arkansas 17.

War Damn.

Josh Dowdy:

In a disturbingly dominant display of power and precision, Auburn will show the SEC Network audience how the sausage is made. Tigers 62 - Hawgs 10.

Emily Rios:

The closer we get to the game the more nervous I am about it. This is an Arkansas team with something to prove and an entire offseason of preparation. I worry about the weather. Sunny and a million degrees works in Auburn's favor, but rain and thunderstorms could limit the play calling and ability to get into a good rhythm. No rhythm = a slower game, advantage Arkansas. Then, there's the Hawg Hex to worry about.

In the end, I think Auburn is too much for Arkansas, but I don't think its the beatdown of Bert we'd all like. Auburn pulls away at the end, 38-28.

Austin Lankford:

With Jeremy Johnson starting, I don't think Gus would have him do a lot of throwing the ball vertically. Johnson is capable, but running is our bread and butter and Gus will stick to that early on so Johnson stays comfortable. I think Marshall sitting out is going to be awesome, only because the second he hits the field for the first time the place will go as crazy as when the game began. With Marshall, Gus will open it up. I imagine them lulling Arkansas to sleep with consecutive runs, then taking some shots downfield with Coates and Duke. Defense will be what we are used to. Bend, but don't break and playing hard. I can't wait.

Auburn: 35

Chris Roberts:

My prediction - Arkansas will load the box trying to force the pass and much to their dismay Auburn may throw early and with deadly precision. The game is well in hand by halftime and Marshall starts the 3rd quarter just to get some game reps. The Auburn D scores off an errant pass while Arkansas adds some points late. Auburn 42 - Arkansas 17

Peggy Rossmanith:

I feel lousy about this game, but I think Auburn will win. I think the beginning of the game will scare us more than we'd like but Auburn dominates the 4th quarter. 40-21.
Suck it, BERT.

Jared Robertson:



Auburn only had 10 real possessions last year and I don't think they get any more than that this year. The Tigers scored on five of those possessions, all touchdowns, but I think they score on six this year with an extra field goal. Arkansas managed 17 points at home last year, but I think some drives stall out for them in Jordan-Hare and they settle for more field goals. 38-16, Auburn.

Franklin Featherston:

34-17 Auburn.

Sam Butler:

After what seems like an eternity, actual football is finally back on the Plains. An offseason full of more of Gus's wizardry and more #BERT can only mean one thing: another beatdown of the Hogs. Auburn is just far too skilled offensively to give Arkansas any chance of slowing them down. Arkansas has so many questions on offense that it actually might make Auburn's D look pretty stout. The only thing that has the potential to give Auburn fits is DE Trey Flowers, but he won't be able to stop the Tigers' attack by himself. Add in the new wrinkles that will no doubt have been installed to Auburn's offense, and I don't see this being anything other than a warmup game. Personally, the biggest thing I'm looking forward to is seeing Jeremy Johnson in action (however short that time may be) against SEC competition.

Walt Austin:

I'll go with similar to last year. Maybe even an exact repeat of last year. I'll say 42-24. And Auburn's final TD comes late to make it look like a bigger victory than the game shows. I think the post-game hand-shake will be quick. There may not be any real animosity between the two (though I do think Malzahn isn't thrilled with the efforts to slow his style down), but there is definitely no friendship, either. It may even be over with before the media can get a good shot of it.