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Auburn vs Arkansas: How to Watch, 3pm CST, SEC Network

The run down on Auburn vs Arkansas

Nick is pointing at you and saying "You ready!?!?"
Nick is pointing at you and saying "You ready!?!?"
Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

How to watch:

The SECNetwork will be airing the game starting at 3:00pm Central. It will also be available on ESPN3 and the WatchESPN app.

OR, you can be there in beautiful Jordan-Hare Stadium for what will likely be a very wet contest. Hopefully we do not have any weather delays.

Yours truly will be watching it from the stadium in Section 102, row 5. Those seats have a fantastic view, but I'm worried about how well I'll be able to hear the band. And we all know how much I love the awesome Auburn University Marching Band. I didn't choose the seats, though, so I take what the school gives me. At least it's better than row 1 right behind the Tigers where I was last year. I could only watch the game on the video board because of how low that row is.


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Weekly Columns:

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The staff made their predictions for the game. Spoiler Alert: We believe Auburn will win.

Final thoughts:

We are just over 24 hours from the return of Auburn Tigers football. We'll have an Open Thread for the game, of course, so those of you who are watching on TV feel free to drop by and converse with other Auburn fans in the comments section. No promises on just how much I'll be able to keep things rolling on Twitter, since I'll be at the game and I'll believe "increased cell service" enhancements when I actually see it. Hopefully I'll be tweeting picturs of the first rolling of the year on our newly remodeled Toomer's Corner by dinner time tomorrow. Football is back. Let's get this party started right.

War Eagle, everyone!