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SEC Nation and Auburn vs Arkansas Game Thread

Good morning, and WAR EAGLE everyone! It's finally game day!

Michael Chang

In case you missed it last night, there was some excellent news regarding Senior Star Robenson Therezie last night. I doubt he plays today, given his limited practice reps over the past few weeks, but just knowing he's there for depth is important in and of itself. It's also very important for the coming weeks as Auburn will face two teams that like to sling the football in San Jose State and Kansas State. He'll be able to practice next week and face SJSU and then have a week and a half to get ready for Kansas State.

But on to today. If you missed anything over the week or just want to get caught up, here's a link to a thread with a lot of other links! That should get you all caught up. The game starts at 3pm Central, but SECNetwork's SEC Nation goes live from Auburn's campus at 9am Central. This is your thread to comment on all things SEC Nation (if you can stomach Finebaum and crew), the noon games, and on into kick-off of Auburn vs Arkansas. I'll be monitoring and commenting via mobile as I can prior to heading into the stadium.

We made it. Football starts today. War Eagle, and BEAT ARKANSAS!