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c/o 2016 DB Stephen Davis, Jr Commits to Auburn

Good news coming on the heels of bad for Auburn in recruiting

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Sunday saw the decommitment of 4* DB Ben Edwards from Auburn, which was definitely not the best of news on the recruiting trail. Edwards was previously an Ohio State commit before committing to Auburn and has said Auburn is still not out of it, so who knows where that will end up?  Auburn still has 4* Stephen Colbert from my hometown of Griffin, GA committed, and the addition of Tray Matthews after redshirting this year will help fill the hole Edwards was helping add depth to.

Monday afternoon sees good news for Auburn at the same position, however. While Edwards may still commit, he will have some more competition the following year with the commitment of Auburn legacy Stephen Davis, Jr.  He is the son of former Auburn running back Stephen Davis and now is the point where even I start to feel old because I have clear memories of his father playing for Terry Bowden's Tigers. Stephen Davis, Sr caught a little flack with some Auburn fans for seeming to encourage Marcus Lattimore to stay in state with the Gamecocks back in the 2010 recruiting cycle. His son has said he is committing to Auburn because of the feel with the coaches and the campus more than due to his father's history as a Tiger, but I'm sure that legacy did play a bit of a part.

Davis is 6'4, 215 lbs and is a highly rated prospect for 2016. If you go back and look at the DBs Auburn has been pursuing lately you will really see a trend. Tall. Auburn wants DBs who will be able to fight off the big WRs that are becoming prominent in football. It's a smart move, really. Chris Davis will be an Auburn hero until the end of time, but how much more could he have been if he was a bit taller and better able to make a play on that final TD pass? You can bet plays like that drive this push for taller DBs.

Ranked as the 16th best athlete in the class of 2016, and the fourth best prospect at any position from the state of South Carolina, Davis Jr. hopes that he will make a big impact on the Tigers in the future. He joins fellow Auburn commitsNate CraigLandon Rice, and Jalen Buie. With Davis Jr. joining the fold, the Tigers' 2016 class is now ranked as the fourth best nationally by the 247Sports Composite and the second best class in the SEC.

Auburn's defensive backfield should become a big strength in the coming years. I expect it will take a considerable step forward this year and even more so over the next few years with the way this staff is focusing on tall, very athletic DBs.

Welcome aboard, Stephen. I hope you're as exciting on the defense as your father was on offense! War Eagle!