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DirecTV Announces Deal with SEC Network

DirecTV joins the majority of networks in having a deal in place

Mike Ehrmann

Late Monday afternoon DirecTV announced it had finally reached a deal to carry the SEC Network, ensuring that the network will launch on almost every single major cable provider in the nation ten days from now. This is huge news for many in Alabama and around the nation who were fretting over making the switch from DirecTV in order to watch many of the SEC's games and original program that will be airing on the network.

I believe the last ones to not have a deal in place are VerizonFiOS and Charter. Charter announced at the end of last week that they were "finalizing" a deal, but there has still been no official announcement.

The season, and the launch of the SEC Network is approaching quickly. Almost everyone is covered, now. I know many in Alabama - and especially those like me who live in Auburn - are anxiously awaiting the final word on whether one of the major cable providers in the Auburn area will actually have the network on time as they've been so adamant about.