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Hindsight is Always 20/20, Week 2

You know, because I'm an optometrist....

Michael Chang

Game 2 went pretty much as expected against San Jose State.  Auburn totally dominated from the opening kick, and aside from a few warts here and there, there was little to complain about.   Some random thoughts...

Bob Griese's son thinks that Auburn has the two best quarterbacks in the SEC on their roster.  He may be right.  Nick Marshall is a proven entity and Jeremy Johnson is phenomenal.   We will likely see both of these guys more and more in the coming weeks.  What a luxury to have two very capable QB's.  Think our neighbors up the road would like to have one of these guys?

Could this be Auburn's best offense ever? We'll begin to see that brought up more and more as the season rolls along, I think.  CAP and Corey Grant are quite a tandem running the ball.  Duke Williams may be the next Megatron.  Sammie Coates is not too shabby either.   It truly is an embarrassment of riches

Ambassador of the Quan- Quan Bray looks phenomenal returning punts so far.  Auburn's staff does a really nice job of getting playmakers involved in special teams.

Lookin' out for #1 Montravious Adams absolutely dominated the SJSU offensive line.   Here's hoping he keeps that up.

QB runs can hurt you We lost track of the opposing quarterback several times Saturday night, and that might be one of those things that can bite us down the road, especially with our next opponent.  Jake Waters is the real deal for KSU.  We'll need to get that fixed in the off week.

Around the SEC in 30 seconds...

Nice to see things are back to normal in Nashville Vandy kicked a freakin' field goal down 41-0 to Ole Miss in the 4th quarter the other day.   This was after trying to score on 7 straight plays.  They turned it over on downs, then Ole Miss had a quick turnover, then 3 more downs inside the 15 and a field goal.  Phillip Rivers' little brother was an atrocious 6-25 passing.  Can it get worse?

Put down the cupcake, it's poison...The fightin' Blazers from UAB gave Mississippi State all they wanted in Starkville before losing by 14 points.  State needed a blocked punt and a one hundred yard pick-six to cement a victory.  UAB actually out gained the Bulldogs in this one.

Is Rocky Top back? The Vols have looked impressive in their first two weeks, beating two decent mid-majors in Utah State and Arkansas State.   I doubt they have enough ammo to hang with Oklahoma, but it might be fun to watch for a bit.

Bama fans, quit your bitchin' I have heard enough about the RollTide's QB controversy.  They blew out FAU last Saturday, but they cannot be happy.  Both would likely be 3rd stringers at Auburn, and maybe that's what gets in the craw of the Mullets.  If you happen to listen to Finebaum the last two days (do yourself a favor and don't listen), you will hear Tide callers snipe at each other about which QB should be out there.  Race has been brought up as an argument against both QBs as starters.  I hate to see actually cannot wait to see the meltdown when they actually lose a game.

We can all relax this weekend as we get a few days to prep for our trip to the little apple.  In honor of playing against Bill Snyder, prep by taking lots of Metamucil and yelling at young people to get off your lawn.