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Hindsight is 20/20

Looking back while looking ahead this week

Anybody else sick of this guy?
Anybody else sick of this guy?
Jeff Gammons

Auburn players and fans enjoyed the weekend off and got to sit back and get a live look at some future opponents, but at the front of our collective mind is of course the K State Wildcats, a scary team at home.  I'm anticipating a wild atmosphere, but honestly, is Manhattan, Kansas a tougher place to play than Baton Rouge or Athens?  I kind of doubt it.

I'd like to say that this one will be Auburn's first true test, but my guess is that Auburn was already tested by Arkansas, who went on the road and took Texas Tech to the woodshed.  K-State will be a very different opponent, they spread the field and run their QB a lot.  This aspect of their game gives me great pause.   Auburn hasn't exactly defended these types of QB's well over the last few years.

But the talent gap in this game is huge.  Auburn is better at nearly every position.   I do think the Wildcats will score some points, but I really think they will have no answer for Auburn's team speed.  If Auburn weathers a couple momentum shifts and doesn't turn the ball over, I think they win by 17 or so.

Around college Football in 30 seconds...

Mark Richt may be the worst best coach in the country.  How many times have we seen him blow games in critical moments.  I think back to his first season with UGA, when his team was driving for the game winning score and runs the ball down at the goal line against Auburn in 2001.  It was a great idea, except the Dogs were out of timeouts.  Auburn stopped them cold, and the clock expired.

Richt had a similar meltdown last Saturday with a first and goal on the four.  He apparently forgot that the best running back in college football resides in Athens, because four plays later, Marshall Morgan missed a chip shot field goal, and the Dawgs were done.  But cheer up Georgia fans, at least you don't have to deal with the hype of being crowned national champs anymore.

Will Muschamp really hates offense.  Against Kentucky, the Gators managed just 3 points and needed a gift to win in 3 OTs.  Watching the Gators play the Bams this weekend will be like freebasing Ambien.  Remember when many of us wanted this lunatic as our head coach?  Me neither...

Jameis Winston

Remember when we wanted him to come play 2 sports at Auburn? Me neither...Seriously, I don't know what's more embarrassing, the awful things the guy has done since he's been in Tallahassee or the way Jimbo Fisher has handled all of it.

The Big 10

Giving C-USA a run for their money in lousy, the B1G is more embarrassingly bad than usual.  I wouldn't be surprised at all if Utah knocks off Michigan in the Big House this week.

Till next week...