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Auburn vs Kansas State: How to Watch/Listen and What to Watch For

This post normally doesn't go up on actual game day, but this week has been all kinds of screwy. Enjoy!

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

What: Auburn vs Kansas State, a Top-25 football match-up. Both teams are undefeated and hoping to win their conference and make it into the College Football Playoff

Where: Bill Snyder Family Stadium, Manhattan, KS.

When: 7:30 EST, 6:30 CDT.

How to Watch: ESPN or the WatchESPN app. If you can't get to a TV, you can listen to Sirius 84/XM 84 for satellite radio, or online through Alternatively, you can listen on your phone or tablet using the Auburn Mobile App!

From what I've gathered, a number of Auburn fans have made the trip. I really wish I could be there for this one, but I will be watching from my couch. Feel free to join along with us in the Game Thread that will go up around 6pm CDT.

All the Other Information You Need to Know: There's way too much to post individual links, but check out the Kansas State SB Nation site over at

As far as coverage here on College and Magnolia, here's a list and links to the things we've been covering this week:

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Finally, we got some disturbing news about an Auburn senior who did not make the trip to Kansas.

Game time is almost upon us, everyone. Get ready.