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Auburn vs Kansas State Predictions

The staff weighs in with their predictions for tonight's game.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Peggy Rossmanith:

Uggggggggggggggh I've had a bad feeling about this game all along. I don't like it. I don't like anything about it. I think Auburn wins but it's not fun. 38-31.


Sam Butler:

Throughout the week, I've been pretty nervous regarding this game. Strangely, now that we're here, I'm more confident than ever. Auburn's offense is too reminiscent of the other Big 12 schools of the same ilk (Baylor, Oklahoma) that usually gives KSU fits. 42-28 Auburn

Dusty Miller:

I don't think this game will be fun for us at all in the first half. Their running QB scares the bejeezus out of me! I think Ellis makes some great halftime adjustments and our ground game wears them down late and a late score makes it look not quite as close. 42-27 after being down or tied at the half.

Dr Z:

The most important thing on the road in an unknown environment is to weather the storm. My guess is K state will rally and their fans will make some noise. They may load up to try to stop the run. (I would if I were them) So look for some over the top throws to Sammie and Duke.

You may get some indigestion in the first half, but we wear them down in the 4th quarter. Auburn 45 K-State 27.


Kansas State comes out fired up and quickly puts Auburn in a 10-14 point hole. Auburn regains its footing and dominates the rest of the way putting the game finally out of reach midway through the fourth quarter. Auburn 44 Kansas State 27.

Oscar Whiskey:

Auburn's passing game needs to be on point in this one and from the very first snap. Offense balance will be important and necessary. Expect good rotation amongst ball carriers. Linebackers need to play game of their lives as I have the feeling Wildcats will be running the draw often. Auburn 38 KSU 24

Chris Roberts:

All the nervousness....I cannot find a reason to feel that. Gus has the team ready to go with some Senior leadership. Lots and lots of Auburn from opening kickoff. Kansas St manages to find some points throughout but Auburn "survives" again. Look for CAP and NM to have 100 yds apiece with a TD catch from Coates and Duke. Auburn 49-17 WAR EAGLE!!

Josh Dowdy:

What is Willie? It's a question on the minds of many. Most of Willie is man. But his head is, well--something else. Aubie, on the other hand, is all Tiger. And he's more Tiger than anyone in the Little Apple can handle. And the Auburn Tigers are more than the Wildcats can handle.
Auburn 55 - Kansas State 25


Auburn only played four away games last year. In the rain at LSU, on the CBS afternoon stage at Texas A&M, with only 25 minutes on offense at Arkansas, and in front of an emptying Neyland Stadium at Tennessee. How might that play out?

Auburn may fall behind early, but the Tigers will regroup earlier, fight back harder, and reclaim the lead this time. Auburn has played in front of a larger, louder, more psyched-up crowd than what Manhattan will provide. Bill Snyder may try to play keep-away and limit Auburn possessions, but the Tiger offense is so efficient that it will put up lots of points anyway. And, finally, sometime just after the fourth quarter has begun, the stadium will begin to empty as it becomes clear Auburn will win the game handily. 42-28

Emily Rios:

I predict a lot of yelling and heartburn. I watched KSU almost lose to Iowa State, and I still don't feel good about this game at all. Protecting the ball and not giving up big plays will be key. On paper, I think Auburn wins--I think Auburn just has too much talent. But, I don't think it's pretty. 35-27.

Walt Austin:

I think it's close and a very hard fought game until late in the 3rd quarter. That's where I think Auburn pulls away and covers the spread with a score of 48-34.