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Hindsight's always 20/20, no matter what Coach Dye Says

One final look back at the weekend

Nick was great Saturday, and he was overshadowed by Jeremy Johnson
Nick was great Saturday, and he was overshadowed by Jeremy Johnson
Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Next time take the stairs...I should feel sorry for Ol' Bert, but I don't.  His team got plain run out of JHS Saturday afternoon and on into the night.  And of course, it was because his O.C. and some other coaches got stuck in the elevator at halftime going down to the locker room.  Arkansas conspiracy theorists go nuts...

Do the SEC's two best QB's reside in Auburn? Hard to argue with Kenny Hill's performance in week one, but Johnson and Marshall are flat out monsters.   The question is which AU offense is better.  The fun and gun under Johnson or the super-fast triple option out of the spread under Marshall?   A better question:  Do you think Sammie Coates and Cameron Artis-Payne debate this every night until they both fall asleep?

Super Glad the Elevator worked for Ellis Johnson The Auburn defense was getting flat-out pushed around in the first half, but made some pretty big adjustments to shut out the Hogs in the second.  Most of it was just changing the mentality.  I'm quite sure Rodney Garner did most of the adjusting at the half.  I'm quite sure Garner's adjustments would make a sailor blush.

They were who we thought they were: This was pretty much exactly what most of us expected from Arkansas.  They were a good bit better than last year, but they still have quite a ways to go. I think they may sneak up and beat somebody at some point this year. I hope not, because I want Bert to never win another game.  Ever.  What is it about Arkansas coaches that makes us despise them? I was the topic of an old article I wrote last year.

Around the SEC in 30 seconds...

-We've got issues: Vandy has issues.  They had to show a copy of their permission slip so they would not lose a timeout every quarter for the "Anchor Down."  It's a fitting phrase for the 2014 version of the Commodores, because with performances like seven turnovers and a blowout home loss to Temple, they aren't going anywhere.

We've Got Issues part II: South Carolina's pass defense has some issues. They got shredded by Kenny Hill last Thursday night.  Their run game has some issues.  You can't run the ball on A&M?!  That's bad news considering the Dawgs - who looked awfully good - are waiting around the corner.

We almost had Issues... Ever wonder if Les Miles found the Genie who actually lets you use one wish to grant an infinite number of wishes?  Because Saturday night it was almost like "I wish for Wisconsin to no longer use their stud running back who is shredding us."  And across the field, Gary Andersen suddenly has a T.I.A. and forgets to tell his O.C. to call running plays.  Les' genie has to be the Robin Williams crazy fun genie from the Disney movie, right?

We Don't know yet if the Gators have issues: I stayed up to watch some of this one.  I made it to kickoff.  Actually that was true of anybody who watched it.  Spencer over at EDSBS has a classic review.

Well, that's week one in a nutshell, folks.  Now let's get ready for the San Jose.